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U.S. Army Chooses MultiCam® Pattern For Troops In Afghanistan

We are very pleased to announce that the US Army has chosen MultiCam® to be the officially issued camouflage pattern for all forces deploying to Afghanistan.

We are proud to help protect our forces with camouflage that has been validated in labs, user tests, and in combat. We think of camouflage as a key survivability tool, often as critical as armor or mobility. MultiCam®’s signature management performance in widely varying terrain provides the operational flexibility needed by our modern forces. We are honored to help protect our soldiers by providing them with the adaptable concealment advantages of MultiCam®.

Godspeed guys, we’re proud to be in the fight with you.

“MultiCam® was the clear winner.”
– Colonel Bill Cole
Project manager for Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment, U.S. Army, PEO Soldier

Read the full article here.

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