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Crye Precision winning fight against MultiCam® counterfeiters

We value our work and we value our customers. It is this commitment to our clients that is driving us to do everything in our power to stop the illegal sale of counterfeit MultiCam® and products that are made with counterfeit MultiCam®.

We are fighting this on several fronts. First we are stopping these groups from being able to sell through auction sites. Second we are taking the fight to their home bases by cooperating with local governments to physically raid and shut down illegal export operations of counterfeit MultiCam® in Asia. Third we are spreading the word to the community at large to protect honest work from counterfeiters. Please email any suspected counterfeit MultiCam® info by clicking here and we’ll gratefully check into it.

Counterfeit products disrespect every honest company that is out there trying to innovate and provide quality products the right way. By investing in people that steal work from other companies, you are literally helping to destroy the company that created the work. We take this kind of threat seriously and are doing everything we can to eliminate it for the sake of our honest customers who shouldn’t have to unfairly compete with illegal counterfeit products.

To the end buyer, If you’re thinking it’s technically all the same, think again. MultiCam® works. Counterfeits don’t. Genuine MultiCam® is made from Mil-Spec materials to exacting specifications for visual and infrared compliance. If you don’t see the trademark triangle hang-tag and the woven MultiCam® label, it’s probably counterfeit. Next time you think a piece of gear is too expensive, think about how long it might honestly take you to plan and build the same item, then think about how much you make per hour and do a quick calculation. If you’re honest with yourself you’ll realize that American made products are not expensive. They are priced fairly. They’re just not as cheap as products made by people making 10 cents an hour. And they never will be.

To our honest customers, we greatly appreciate you, and we are continuing to develop new materials and options for you. As for parties that deal in counterfeit MultiCam, this is your warning to stop now or get shut down.

Caleb Crye
Managing Director
Crye Precision

  |   Official MultiCam® webbing now available through Texcel Inc.
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