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Crye Precision + Duro Textiles partnership

Crye Precision has partnered with Duro Textiles to handle all production, distribution, and sales of MultiCam® printed fabrics. Duro is the market leader in the printing and finishing of performance textiles. Duro has been printing MultiCam® for many years and has continually helped our customers develop custom fabric options. Their commitment to customer service is second to none. Duro understands that MultiCam® is the choice of professionals who need the best products available. With Duro directly handling the sales, fabric development, and distribution, we anticipate increased availability of stock fabrics, expanded fabric selection, and increased custom fabric developments. All in all, this partnership will afford MultiCam® customers greater options and faster service across the board. We are very excited about our partnership with Duro as a clear path forward for increasing our customers’ options and enhancing the value of their product lines.

Visit the official Duro MultiCam® distrubution website here.

Official MultiCam® webbing now available through Texcel Inc.   |   MultiCam® worn by winners of the US Army’s 8th Annual International Sniper Competition
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