The Crye MODULAR BALLISTIC COLLAR provides Level lllA protection and is designed to be easily
attached to the AVS™, CPC™ and LVS™ tactical
vest. Side opening VELCRO® tabs allow for easy adjustment and easy don and doff. Front and rear webbing straps
and side elastic loops ensure a secure attachment to almost any vest system. Large rear loop panel allows users to



New Fabric Development & International Fabric Sales

If you’re interested in purchasing MultiCam fabrics for manufacture outside of the US or simply looking to develop a new MultiCam fabric for your specific application, please contact the authorized agent below.

1947, LLCBen L. Galpen(401)




US Fabric Sales

MultiCam® patterns are offered on a wide variety of printed textiles available from these officially licensed printers.

To order fabrics printed in MultiCam patterns, please visit the websites listed below or contact the authorized representatives directly.

1947, LLCBen L. Galpen(401)
Companies, Inc.
Jeff Harris(212)
Matchmaster Dyeing and Finishing(323)




Webbing & Trim

Authentic MultiCam® patterns are available on a variety of printed webbings, bindings and elastics from MMI Textiles & Texcel Inc. Printed trims greatly improve the overall look of any MultiCam® product.
For more information contact these printers directly.

MMI Textiles(888)
Texcel Inc.Richard Wasserman(401) 727 2113(401) 727




Jacquard Webbing & Elastics

MultiCam® jacquard webbing and elastics from Murdock Webbing Inc. fulfill the needs of manufacturers with a need for woven trims for the end products. Murdock offers a host of value-added options as well.

Murdock Webbing Co.Mike Boisvert(401) 724-3000 x




Hook & Loop

MultiCam is available in printed loop. The application to a finished product helps maintain the pattern’s look and overall effectiveness.

Aplix Printed LoopKaren Hislip(800)
MMI Textiles(888)




Printed Zippers

Nothing finishes off a MultiCam® garment quite like printed zippers.  Made of the same high-quality printed nylon in our printed trim offering, these zippers will go a long way to add to the value of your end product.

Ideal Fastener Corp.Carol Critcher(800)
MMI Textiles(888)




Hydrographic Dipping

You can have authentic MultiCam® patterns applied to virtually any hard surface through the Water Transfer Printing process officially by TWN Industries, Inc. Coatings can be applied to OEM products or to individual custom items in a wide variety of applications.

Water Transfer PrintingMike Richards(913) 449-4879(305)





The MultiCam® patterns are available in printed adhesive vinyl form printed Image Craft. The vinyl can be used to wrap vehicles and objects of various sizes and shapes. For more information contact Image Craft directly.

Image Craft, LLCKen











Kydex is a staple in the sheath and holster markets. Officially licensed MultiCam printed Kydex completes the look of any kit.

Index Fasteners(800) 230-3964(909)


General Inquiries

For general information about MultiCam® patterns or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this website, please contact:

Crye Precision
Phone: (347) 915-6379

Marketing Materials

Hang Tags and Sew-in labels



Company Name (required)

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Hangtag Quantities

Multicam Hangtags

Multicam Alpine Hangtags

Multicam Arid Hangtags

Multicam Black Hangtags

Multicam Tropic Hangtags

Sew-In Label Quantities

Multicam Labels

Multicam Alpine Labels

Multicam Arid Labels

Multicam Black Labels

Multicam Tropic Labels


  • This hangtag and sew-in label order form must be accompanied by a scanned copy of the MultiCam fabric order packing slip from a licensed MultiCam fabric printer.

  • A maximum of one (1) hangtag and sew-in label will be provided free of charge per yard of fabric ordered.

  • Additional hangtags and sew-in labels can be ordered by contacting Ernesto Rodriquez at

  • Request will not be processed unless FedEx or UPS shipping account numbers are provided.



MultiCam® Brand GuideThis brand guide is a reference for how to incorporate MultiCam® branding into your marketing materials. Asset packages are also provided (ZIP).

Download MultiCam Brand Guide PDF



Can I get a MultiCam® pattern applied to my own fabric or surface?

Yes. We are happy to discuss and find solutions for whichever products or items you are looking to apply a MultiCam® pattern on. Please note that there will be minimum production requirements for any development project.


Who is using MultiCam®?

Based on extensive testing and its combat-proven performance, MultiCam® was selected to be the official camouflage pattern for all US Army forces deployed to Afghanistan beginning in 2010. MultiCam® is the chosen pattern of U.S. Special Operations Forces, who’s rapid deployment capabilities call for effective concealment across many different environments. MultiCam® is utilized domestically by many federal agencies, elite SWAT and law enforcement units. The MultiCam® variant patterns are also currently used by prominent military and law enforcement organizations for various role-specific needs.


Is MultiCam® used for hunting purposes?

Yes. Although we focus on supporting military needs, we often receive support letters from customers who hunt with MultiCam® patterns and swear by the performance.


Can I get Pantone® color matching information for MultiCam® patterns?

The best way to match a solid color to a MultiCam® pattern is to use the fabric itself as a visual guide. We can assist you in this process.


Are MultiCam® fabrics treated for near IR (infrared) signature issues?

Yes. Nearly all MultiCam® printed fabrics are tuned for both visible and near IR spectrums. For applications where near IR performance is not required, we have developed VS™ versions of the patterns which are tuned for the Visible Spectrum only.


place ID patches on the back of collar.


  • Removable Level lllA protection
  • Side opening for easy removal
  • Adjustable front and rear straps for easy attachment to most ballistic vests
  • Rear VELCRO® loop placard for attaching ID patch
  • Side elastic bands for secure attachment to shoulders
  • Lightweight inner stretch fabric for contoured fit


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