Crye Precision + Duro Textiles partnership

Crye Precision has partnered with Duro Textiles to handle all production, distribution, and sales of MultiCam® printed fabrics. Duro is the market leader in the printing and finishing of performance textiles. Duro has been printing MultiCam® for many years and has continually helped our customers develop custom fabric options. Their commitment to customer service is … READ MORE

Official MultiCam® webbing now available through Texcel Inc.

We are proud to announce that official MultiCam® webbing is now available through Texcel, Inc., the leader in advanced webbing and narrow woven goods. Texcel’s near IR-tuned webbing products have set the standard for performance and now Texcel has raised the bar once again by printing MultiCam® directly on to their advanced webbing products. MultiCam® … READ MORE